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  Histomer Oily/Acne Facial Treatment 60min 300
  Histomer Vitamin C Facial 60min 300
  Histomer Hydrating Skin Facial 60min 300
  Histomer Hisiris Hyper Sensitive Skin Facial 60min 400
  Histomer Sensitive Skin Facial 60min 300
  Histomer Anti-Aging Facial 60min 400
  Histomer Whitening Facial 60min 400
  Histomer Formula 201 Whitening Facial (including consultation) 60min 750
  Histomer Formula 201 Refreshing & Rejuvenating Facial (including consultation) 60min 750
  Histomer Eye Contour Treatment 30min 180
  Dermalogica Cleansing Facial 60min 200
  Dermalogica Anti-Aging Facial 60min 250
  Dermalogica Whitening Facial 60min 275
  Mini Facial 30min 150
  Micro Dermabrasion with Rejuvenating Facial 70min 475
  Mesotherapy Anti-Aging Treatment 70min 675
  Mesotherapy Rejuvenating & Whitening Treatment 70min 750
• Please alert our therapist for any specific skin requirements.    
• Prices mentioned are subject to change without any prior notice.